In This Moment

I don’t talk about it much

too many questions pop up,

not to mention the looks you get… and 

I ain’t tryin’ to sell anyone anything

but I know some things because I seen ‘em

and that’s always been my little secret.

I’m in the damnedest moment, though

So confusing

I ain’t never been quite so happy

It feels like I’m someone else

My bad times now are better

than my good times used to be. 

I’m what the world sees as old,

but inside I’m light as a cobweb

fluttering in a draft, and there’s no

other word for it. Love.

it’s found me. I got

ready first, then said ‘yes’.  

To be true with ya’… 

I looked for the catch. Old habit. 

Well, I went through some stuff. 

No need to dwell on that, 

since troubles don’t make 

anyone special, do they? 

I learned the 

truth of the old words about 

‘the valley of the shadow of death.’ 

Sure did. Maybe you know, too. 

That quiet, dark place where 

it seems the candle is just about snuffed. 

But somebody has been watching over me

I know it for true, because I seen it

in this world once. An angel— but not what 

you’ve seen in paintings. 

A being of power and grace. 

Standing still and silent beside me, 

me on my knees

That image bring tears still, 

45 years on. It carried me through

the bad times, burned away a lot

of pain with it. 

I’m an old man, and love walked in

And now I find 

love everywhere. That’s how you spot

the real deal, you know. 

Love reveals love, creates love.

Makes everything else seem trivial. 

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