What Kind of Writer Are You?

Once again…

Comic relief is all I’ve got right now… 


24 Replies to “What Kind of Writer Are You?”

  1. The box reading “You are a lawyer” could just as easily read, “You are an academic”. Nobody can read what they write; least of all themselves.


  2. Just as I was beginning a to write a piece on how I’m a novelist (or essayist) and not a REAL blogger. May I re-blog this?
    Chazz Vincent


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    So, I’m a novelist. Damn, but if that doesn’t sound impressive. I may have to get some business cards printed up and introduce myself as such at parties. If I ever got invited to parties, that is.


  4. It’s always quite amazing to read how other writers think. How they take in the process and spit it back out. I’m much more of the thinker in my approach. The slug sitting on the rock as those pearly words come out organically and slow as friggin’ molasses.

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