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  1. Dear fellow blogger,

    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I find your blog interesting, and I do hope you will accept the nomination. You can see the rules in my “Sunshine Blogger Award” post. Keep blogging!

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  2. “Eleanor” is one of the 3 women I hope come across as strong. Das is, too, if more than a little crazy. She has her reasons. In this scene? E just got a little sloppy. But in the “To the death” scene and the two after, she does pretty well. I hope.


  3. “Captured”
    The writing is perfectly paced. Your scene descriptions are wonderfully alive… I also love how you personified the plane!
    Regarding Eleanor – I’m not quite sure what to make of her yet. I’m a little unsure if her confidence is misplaced. When Eleanor decides to take a shower – I was screaming at her ” “Eleanor, don’t descend the basement stairs, in the dimly lit house, on the scary cul-de-sac, in your bra and panties!”
    (For personal reasons, I’m glad she’s a Treasury Agent on loan and not FBI 😉 )

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  4. Tried to leave comment on Mohana Das page – couldn’t. Just read this excerpt over morning coffee. Love this character – though I don’t know how much play she’ll get. I’m going to try to read an excerpt a day…
    Mohana Das fills the ‘mankiller’ role from both angles. She lacks compassion so I dislike her, yet, I’m intrigued to know where – if at all – her soft spot is. And, will this ‘weakness’ open the chasm she stumbles into. Or, is it possible she’s charmed and won’t ever be the recipient of justice? Or, will we learn her background – a person who’s sexually-satisfied by committing murder and also gets paid for the pleasure…? Very interesting indeed…
    AnnMarie 🙂


    1. She’s an interesting one, for sure. I see her as a high-functioning sociopath or the kind of psychopath that isn’t dysfunctional, but just loves the act of killing, but in a female way, up close, with a delicate weapon, with planning. Gets her off, for one thing. Overtly sexual.

      We’re seeing similar types with ISIS in Iraq now. Those guys just love to kill. It’s all they think about. So, the twist will be to see what that is like with a woman. She mates with her victims and then dispatches them, like a praying mantis or Black Widow. But with no remorse.

      I wrote that section a while ago and on rereading it, I see a number of changes i’d like to make–of course !!! Not in her core persona, but probably in slipping in a few more hints about backstory. I have notes about her family, particularly her mother and the whole jihadi culture. Mohana is not a complete psycho, though. There are some horrible things that might not excuse what she does, but you will at least see some kind of perverted explanation.


      1. Would love to catch glimmers of what makes this gal’s weapon-of-choice sparkle…
        Her excerpt was enthralling and she scared me a little too…truth be told, the only kind of women that frighten me are the ones that I can picture knocking me over…and I don’t fall down easily 😉
        AnnMarie 🙂


  5. hi, are you Ellen Bass? I heard her poem, French Chocolate, read by Garrison Keilor today, and searching for it, came across your blog, and can’t tell if hemingplay is a, well, “play” name and you’re really Ellen Bass (of course by that logic, you might be Pablo Neruda also – are you:???>>))


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