A Message in the Stars

The stars were out

shockingly clear and bright.

I couldn’t sleep, again,

as a bed is best kept for two things (not counting dying),

I slipped into clothes and went outside,

my dog curled up beside her, protecting.

It was an hour or two before first light,

a rare time here without clouds,

Venus rising in the East

like the Star of Africa on the paw of Leo.

To the south,

Orion’s three gems shine on his belt,

Betelgeuse on his upraised club arm,

Rigel in the buckle of

his raised left foot as he leaps into battle.

There is a universal beauty,

a unity of all creation,

a clear, subtle illumination

of the magnificence of life, and death

always there, like the stars,

beacons of creation,

in that last hour of darkness, when

the clouds slide away toward

Idaho, and dawn approaches,

a rare time without hidden things,

here in the kingdom of water.

5 Replies to “A Message in the Stars”

  1. Dearest Doug, as of late I rarely frequent WP, yet every so often I’m curious to see what’s being created and if those creations warrant a second reading (let alone a first, haha). I must tell you, I read this lovely piece three times. Thank you, it’s been a long while since I’ve read something on WP that’s move me, inspired deep reflection and a self-recognition of sacrifice: the reality between what is and what will never be, at least in my waking life. Compliments to your skillful pen, “here in the kingdom of water.” . . . is a spectacular line! Wishing you well. Take good care. ~ Mia

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    1. Thank you, Mia. I’m deeply gratified that you like this piece. What are you up to these days? I’ve missed you.

      BTW, pause for a commercial: This one will be in the next book, now at the first stage of birth, at the editor’s. 😉 I’m on the west coast now, and the publisher is in Vermont… thank god for the internet!

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      1. You’re most welcome, Doug. And, I must say it’s my pleasure, it is/was such a delight to read something of substance. Congratulations on the next book!

        Thank you for the kind words. These days, I spend most of my time looking for myself, which is a very good thing. I don’t see myself returning to WP in any sort of regular fashion, maybe a piece here and there. I really don’t know at this point. And you? What’s been going on?

        Ah, the West Coast has been a bit of a dangerous place as of late, ask me, I know! Truly, thank goodness for the internet! It’s so nice to see your writing flourishing. Again, congratulations on the next of many books to come!!!

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