Do dolphins envy our ability to simply breathe,
to take air in and out without thinking?
What if we, every few minutes, would need to
dive beneath the waves for life?

Swimming with languid power,
graceful, fluid and joyful,
do they begrudge the need
every so often, to slip upward and break through
the air/sea boundary, exhale and take another breath
over and over—always scanning,
but with alert minds, aware of everything—
for an entire lifetime?

Do dolphins envy our freedom?
Or is envy just one of our monkey traits?
They just do something a few million years
have imposed on them,
but can race the sailboats,
surf the wakes of giant liners
and wreak havoc on silvery schools of
panicked herring.

Then, sated, playful,
swift when comes that pure joy to
glide like arrows through a blue eternity, like gods,
Thinking, always, of the air
And those brief glimpses of an alien sky and a burning fire,
and stars and
thoughtless breathing.

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