Questions That Come With Age


The clock… relentless.
What’s my allotment going to be?
How to make the best of it?
How to keep dignity,
avoid a failure of imagination,
avoid self-pity….

“Savor each moment…”
Yes, well that’s a cliché.
I know what’s coming,
What I’ve lost for good.
The trick is to
Savor these, too,
With a little grace.

No lies in the mirror.
No false smiles.
No regrets.
No cruelties.
Kindnesses given
with no expectations.

There are enough
bitter herbs around.

One surprise smile is enough
to recharge a whole day.
Thank you, darlin’

And when, every so often,
that same look asks
if I have any plans
for the rest of the day…
If everything’s right, well

I’ll make us breakfast.
And coffee for the sunrise.
And there’s
One more new day,
on the clock,
full of meaning,
with your hand in mine.
Tomorrow’s another day.

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