The School of the Electric Fence

Photo by Richard Calmes

I suppose I knew this,
once upon a time,
but navigating love is a little like
the electric fence I used to
crawl through to get to the woods.

You have to be cautious, not timid.

(I wouldn’t go so far as to agree with
Crosby when he said being with Joni was
like falling into a cement mixer. But
let’s just say I understand more than I used to.)

You learn how far your body sticks out
from your heart’s desire.
You learn hard lessons, the hard way;
you learn the difference between
fantasy and reality.

You learn how good intentions
are sometimes punished,
for no apparent reason, and how
it feels to be knocked silly
—by the arbitrary touch of
a crazy god—

and find yourself
lying, dizzy, on your back,
in the wet grass,
staring up at a cloud
that looks like
Winston Churchill
on a very bad day
during the Blitz.

4 Replies to “The School of the Electric Fence”

  1. I love, love, love this post! Thank you for this. I have followed you for a long time… and you know me as another blogger. Years and years we have blogged and commented together and it is a place I am trying to move from. I’m still here, just trying to be my new self. My reality self. Just wanted you to know I loved the post!

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