Breathe Briefly


We breathe so briefly of Life,
Of spring days and summer rains
And winters’ nights—all these too quickly gone.

Our years fly away like the ashes
From a dying campfire—
Lost in the darkness,
Fluttering up to the stars.

Yet our days may let us
Feel and think and wonder:
Love, and grieve loves lost,
Enfold our children in our arms
Until they too fly
And add their stars to the night sky.

The flames and embers of the fire
Draw me in, mesmerized. They are
Alive, dancing, shifting,
speaking to primal things,
They fill my mind with
Thoughts of eternity, and transience.

So I lean in, looking for signs
And visions
And courage.
And warmth.


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    1. Thank you for the very kind words, Joanne. When it happens– if it happens– it usually seems to come from someplace else. But, on behalf of whoever sent this to me from that other place, we thank you. 🙂

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