Memories Over a Glass of Wine

I Want To Dance with You_Kiku Xue

You weren’t my first summer girl—
But were the first one to take me over
Body and soul (and OK, I admit, it wasn’t all that hard to do)
But you are the one from the early days I remember

With only a few sharp regrets, since softened by time.

But also rises in me a wistful toast
To our being so young and eager, so serious, so clumsy,
So lost in hormones and music on the radio
Sitting on the lawn under a black sky sprinkled with stars,
Fumbling, clutching, giddy with freedom, while
Bullfrogs’ song charged the humid darkness with need.
I could always find your lips in the dark, ready, curious, eager,
As glad as mine were to find yours
And we both bubbled with happiness at this secret joy we’d found.

The years have not all been easy, for either of us,
And our paths have never crossed again.
I wonder about you sometimes,
Hope you remember, a little,
The same summer nights, and imagine that you raise a glass
With a smile, and think kindly of me, as I do you,
My summer girl, in the last days of our childhood.

18 Replies to “Memories Over a Glass of Wine”

        1. I’m thinking of finding and old Royal upright typewriter, like the one I learned to type on. Getting the result onto the Internet could be a tad tricky, though…


          1. You know, that sounds like an inspired idea, my friend. Good luck with the search.
            Nothing like the click clack of those ink-pressing keys – no, nothing beats that natural rhythm – now I want one too!!!


            1. I still remember the sound of the old AP teletype with the news coming in early in the morning, too. Great sound. And I was the first person to find out stuff😉


              1. You know, I just watched all the, Kolchak: Night Stalker episodes. The show’s opening always starts with him at an old typewriter. Since ‘re’watching that series, I’ve been dreaming about typewriters – it’s like the difference between bicycles (computers) and motorcycles (typewriters). And a teletype, I’d imagine would be like a typewriter on steroids!!!


                1. wooooo……sexy sounds!!!
                  I can see why Lois Lane and Superman hooked up! That old AP Model 20 teletype got their heart strings a pumpin’ – thanks for sharing this.
                  Oh yeah, I love the tape punch too, adding the extra WOW factor!
                  I truly enjoyed.


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