It Was A Hundred-Year’s Flood

And I guess I just got in the way.

Doin’ OK, though.


5 Replies to “It Was A Hundred-Year’s Flood”

    1. Thanks. Good days and bad, but mostly good. I published the second book in May, but that had been written before she got sick and I just needed to do something to keep busy. Editing and dealing with the publishing was that. But since then, time has worked it’s small kindnesses and I’m ready to bring some of the structure back into my life that work brings. I’m headed to a solitary retreat on the coast for a bit, and hope that’s productive. I’ll be staring at a computer screen for 3-4 hours at the same time every day, in any case. I figure I’ve got to make an appearance if I want the Muse to show up, too. And the rest of the day… well, I’ll be at the beach. How bad could it be? 😉

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  1. Like we hear around here. “Gosh, these hundred year floods are becoming more and more common. Don’t know why, but I’d better get that drain tile put in on the south four hundred acres.”


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