The new book is almost ready to go. Final edits? Done. Cover design ready? Done. Is my publishing partner, Gatekeeper Press, ready to distribute the files for this to Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Ingram and a dozen others (in both paperback and e-book formats)? Almost.

Now the real fun begins.

I beg your forgiveness, but you know how the business works these days. Authors have to do almost everything, although Gatekeeper as a production and distribution partner does do a good job and has taken a load off of me on the front end. Now this.

I have purchased a limited number of promotional codes. I will send one to you to download the book for free, if you read and write a review. I know how busy everyone is, but reviews are critical to visibility and, therefore, sales, as you know. If you can help a fellow writer out, please send an email to and let me know you’re willing. I’ll send the code to you when the book actually hits the retail and online systems.

Thanks to you, in advance.