Let Your Higher Self Rule

“You let your higher self rule

and your truer self grieve,

and the world will still strip away

all you ever hoped to achieve.’

3 Replies to “Let Your Higher Self Rule”

    1. Thank you. It is a quote, but I haven’t put the attribution on it yet because I haven’t found out who wrote it. It may be Craig Johnson, author of the Longmire mysteries. Which only proves my theory that some of the best writing isn’t some snooty literary work about depressed genius,but good old detective fiction. Life and death, honor and fear and betrayal and truth and lies. Nothing better if, as is true for me, that the most exciting trail to follow is the deep down, good or bad, things people do and why.

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      1. I like what you say about some of the best work being “hidden gems.” Isn’t what makes a lot of artists and thinkers great -their ability to see past all the “snootiness” to the stuff that really matters?


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