Dancers_Sergey Sukhovey

Living in the past leads only to regrets.
Living in the future leads to worry.
Living must be embraced in the now.

The meadowlarks have returned, singing.

I may not be able to leap as high as before,
Nor run as far, or as fast….
Let’s dance.


I’ve been away for eye surgery (all better now) and have begun working on new pieces, planning the next book and generally resuming my plan to go exploring for the next 60 years or so. Republishing this one from last year because it taps something that’s still true. 

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  1. This…..these words and that photo……is wonderful and perfect! I’ve just been pondering how important NOW is. It’s all we have….we must embrace it, live it, squeeze everything out of it that we can. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Today is a day to relax put the rest of my stuff away and stash the suitcases. Although there was a moment when I first woke up this morning and was a little confused still, wondering if I had a train to catch. 😉

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