Ashes and Snowflakes

The challenge, it seems,
is to somehow arrange,
to slow-dance with Familiar,
but awaken with Strange.

To be like a welder
shooting showers of sparks,
birthing hot, fluid joinings,
behind a mask full of stars.

There’s too much universe
to run out of amazements.
No two snowflakes exactly alike,
nor raindrops,
nor blades of grass, or
grains of sand,
pretty girls,
or fingerprints.
But there are enough similarities…
And we do have the Googelverse.

500 trillion snowflakes are in each inch fallen on a square mile.
The number of cubic feet of snow that falls on the
planet each year is (about) 1 followed by 15 zeros,
That weighs one trillion kilograms. Or 1.1 billion tons.
Even a mountain must groan under such a load.

And finally,
Let it be understood,
never have ashes turned back into wood.

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