The poet Rumi advises us to find a place

high in a nearby tree to hide our spirit.

It is so easily bruised and, when hurt,

we cannot hear what it says.

I read this and had a question–

why did I wait so long to do the work?

I didn’t know how to protect my spirit yet,

to shelter it in that old Hemlock tree there,

massive, dark, unmoving, quiet,

and happy to give my spirit sanctuary,

as though it grew all those years for

no other purpose but this.

4 Replies to “Sanctuary”

    1. The only person who knows the answer to that question just asked it. But I am not all that experienced in taking care of the creative spirit properly yet, either. Still working on it. I just like this image (which comes from Rumi via Jim Harrison) of a part of us that is tough, but also fragile, and needs protection. You’re strong, and you’ve taken control of things. But it’s also hard to walk the road you’re on, and you may need to hide that spirit part up high more often for a while. But you have lots of friends, you’re recovering back where you have roots and you have steel, girl. Steel! ❤ 🙂


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