by-igor-morskiKeys To The Kingdom Photo by: Igor Morski

Young man, I wish someone had
told me these things.
An older woman would
have been perfect
When I was your age.
But no such luck.

So here’s the thing.
Your chest hurts when you see her,
You feel like you’re on fire.
You’re afraid to stand up for fear
someone will see. It.
(What do you mean? You know what I’m talking about).
And you can only think of one thing.
You are a walking dumb bomb.

But you can redeem yourself.
The rules are really pretty simple.
Take a deep breath and try to bring
your brain back up above your belt now.

The keys to the kingdom are plain to see.
Focus up there, on her mind and spirit, and she will be
so pleasantly surprised and grateful that she might,
(after a little testing to see if you’re another liar),
invite you into the Party of Her.
Believe me, you want to go.

After that, there are only two other rules.

Be kind.


She’ll need the first, because
she is probably very hard on herself,
and needs someone to love her.
And the second is to listen, in two ways:
For what she says
with her lips–
(skip all advice, though;
it’s usually stupid and unwelcome)
but also for what her body tells you it needs.
Then just do that.
Worry about yourself later.
She’ll probably help.

Three rules.

Well, there is a fourth:
Don’t screw up.