Humble Brag 2


Interview Published  @Hemmingplay @Spill_Words
Interview Published
@Hemmingplay @Spill_Words

I am very gratified that has published the feature above this morning, and hope you forgive me sharing it like this. I’m not the only WP blogger here who has been lucky enough to get some additional exposure on the excellent literary site ( @Spill_words ), and hope you’ll all give it a try. We all get paid mostly in compliments, but it’s motivation for us poor pedestrian poets to keep plugging away.

Q&A at the link below.

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      1. Aren’t they all. Have you ever read Mantissa by John Fowles? It’s a novel about a relationship with a writer and his muse. An interesting read! My muse is female and I call her Dear One. 🙂

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