Summer Sounds


10334420_477963595736461_9042973705824638941_nCicadas, and the birds that hunt them.

A neighbor’s lawnmower.

The whisper of the maple leaves in a cool morning breeze.

A dog, barking for show somewhere over there.

A catch in the air, ever so faint, a momentary pause.

News of the first real cold front coming down out of Canada.

The fat rump of late summer has settled in, humid and hot.

But if you listen,

You feel the breezes more,

Everything moves on,

Only a fool would have lived his life in hard pursuits

Without realizing that all those moments, like this fleeting one,

Only come once and are gone, as surely as heavy ol’ Summer

Will rise one day soon and move on south, making room

For other precious and holy moments that need attention.

6 Replies to “Summer Sounds”

  1. “Summer Sounds” is a perfect journey into a sensory explosion. I love your imagery, right down to “The fat rump of late summer.” You are amazing!

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  2. I’m married to a man who also can see the rain cloud in every silver lining. 🙂 But that’s just another perspective for being reminded to live in the moment. The “fat rump of summer” is such an apt description of the hot days of late August. Delightful.

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