The Sound Of Fury

From a new blogger friend.

The Right Act

It always takes a man that never made much at anything to tell you how to run your business. Like these college professors without a whole pair of socks to his name, telling you how to make a million in 10 years, and a woman that couldn’t even get a husband can always tell you how to raise a family.

– William Faulkner, The Sound And The Fury

It is always a new perspective which gives us the edge. We take a look at everything and shape a set of meanings. Then, with that understanding in mind, we proceed.

Everything is personal. That is why we are unable to find the solution. If it is business, we start with reason. The reason is from our own understanding, therefore it’s personal. When another sort of it is needed, we can not find it. Most of us can not be the other…

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