One More Time

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“My soul is in the sky.” ― William Shakespeare

The signs are all around me,
The storm is raging still.
The wind brings sounds of battle,
From that far distant hill.

I thought this all was over,
I thought my race was run.
But just as I was resting,
My peaceful life’s undone.

Now one final trial:
My guts recoil in fear.
He’s coming soon, despite me,
I feel him drawing near.

 Comes weary resignation,
And anger pushing blood,
Determined to leave honor,
Where once foul evil stood.

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    1. Thank you. And, I will. 🙂 I’ve been struggling with him for a while, then saw the trailer for Denzel Washington’s newest, “Equalizer,” with the “Old Man and the Sea” reference and something clicked into place in my head about Ted. It was the idea of facing a challenge, an old adversary, just as you think you’re past all of that, and have to decide whether to buckle up again. But I see Ted as someone who has never let someone else carry his load. Now I have this new view of him, the book should start to come together over the next six months.


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