Some Days

Evolution by 3Joko

Some days you just need to do what works, and forget about style points.  Life isn’t ice dancing, after all.

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    1. If I have a specific word or name that relates to the piece I’m working on, I just do a Google search. I also am a photo pack rat, and will save images that catch my eye in my web travels. Many times, it’s the photo that gives birth to the poem, if it’s one that I’ve saved for some reason. I just have to figure out what it was that appealed to me, and then go from there.

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      1. Yes, I do the same..they can also be very good prompts, as you say. I have used them for short stories that seem immediately inspired–a fun way to write. I had only wondered–not to be at all critical!–if the ones you find generally require attribution. I find many fine photos to illustrate essays and stories but then due to copyright I often cannot use them, sadly. I Google, as well, and also use Pixabay among others. Still, I find it hard to find the ones I can legitimately use so have taken to using many of my own. If you have other sites you would be willing to share, t hat would be lovely. But in any case, I am enjoying your posts–cheers!


        1. I always give attribution if I know who took it, and don’t use anything that indicates it’s protected. But the internet is flooded with photographs that are intended to be seen and shared widely, and there’s no name associated with them. It may be that the name was scrubbed somewhere up the line, but in that case the jig’s up anyway. I encourage creative people to look into using the Creative Commons licensing scheme. There are multiple levels of restriction, but basically it recognizes the reality of the internet and says “sure, go ahead and use it. Just give me credit and don’t try to make money off of it. If you do, I want some.” That’s what I have on the blog now. There’s a link in the right sidebar of any story, if you wanted to explore.

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          1. I agree–and thanks so much for responding at length. I am always interested in finding more good sources so have asked several writers here and elsewhere. It can be a pain to find good and right illustrations at times! Happy writing.


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