Truth and Poetry


“Truth is like poetry… and most people fucking hate poetry.”
overheard at a Washington DC bar.

Quoted in opening screens of the Oscar-winning movie “The Big Short”.

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  1. I’m just loving your site, Doug. This is so true. I used to teach 7th grade English. Can you imagine 12 year olds enjoying Longfellow? Well, the poetry unit was my favorite and I had them do a poetry notebook for the unit. They could respond to the poems we read by doing reviews, drawings, prose versions, original poetry even if they were inspired. They had a lot of freedom and I told them when they pulled it together they could give it any title they wanted. So there was this one boy, kind of a troublemaker but very sharp and he titled his Poetry Sucks. I had to accept it! And I must say, it was filled with very spirited writing. It was so memorable I still smile thinking about it 30 years later. I wonder now what he reads and if he writes. Hmmmmm. Thanks for your post.


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