A little humble bragging here. I know I don’t hold the record, but today marks two nice mile posts for this blog, now two years and two months old. So, here goes.

I hit six hundred posts (not counting this one) and six hundred followers today. I thought the same numbers showing up on the same day was an odd coincidence, and someone who knows numerology will have to tell me if this means my house will be hit by falling space debris any time soon. Or maybe something good? Like a free car? (

But I wanted to pause and thank you all, some of whom have shared this journey by sharing your own this whole time. It’s been eventful for all of us, and I’ve followed your stories and struggles even as you’ve kept supporting me in mine. Life keeps proving than none of us know what new outrage is around the corner. But I just tried to remember something one of my favorite writers once wrote— “Don’t Panic!” —and feel better.

Thank you. We drift in and out of each others’ consciousness and monitors and little screens, but over these 26 months I’ve been awestruck at your tenacity, your courage, and your talent.