Secrecy and Freedom

c180d01388aa254aa1a74c65d27db4e4And so we must ask ourselves:
What is freedom?
Do we decide when to wake?
When to sleep?

Do not authorities order our
Or our partners do?
Our parents?
“You have to get up early!”
“Why do you stay up so late?”

Order belongs to the day,
Unordered things, the night.
Nakedness emerges in the night…
Bodies come together, touch, in the night.
What is put aside during the day
And only implied at dinner, or the theater
Finally takes place in the secrecy of the dark.

We trade freedom for order in the hours of light.
We reclaim our freedom in secret, in the night.

Raison D’être

3 Replies to “Secrecy and Freedom”

  1. Freedom is a state of mind. Those who refuse are insane but somehow, they are called “People”. Being the true human who believes in true freedom, brings pain upon people and peace upon our world.
    Still, I sometimes choose to hide under the curtains too. But whenever I do, I wonder, with hate, if I am worthy of life?


    1. You are as worthy as much as any of us is, I should think. And no less. The proof is that you think about it, and that is a spark of the divine that is in everyone, I believe. As writers, I think our task is to tend the fire.

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