Suits, It Had To Be The Suits

Jim Harrison

“Suits obviously had helped to promote bad government and he was as guilty as anyone for wearing them so steadfastly for twenty years. Of late he had become frightened of the government for the first time in his life, the way the structure of democracy had begun debasing people rather than enlivening them in their mutual concern. The structure was no longer concerned with the purpose for which it was designed, and a small part of the cause, Nordstrom thought, was probably that all politicians and bureaucrats wore suits.”
― Jim HarrisonLegends of the Fall

One Reply to “Suits, It Had To Be The Suits”

  1. And let’s not forget beards.

    From my essay, My Beard

    “After college, I worked for a company that required me to shave and wear a suit and tie. Near the end of my first week, I found myself working with three guys who wore beards, sandals, cut-off’s and tie-dye t-shirts.

    “What gives?” I asked my boss.

    “Those guys are so good at what they do,” he said, “that management lets them wear anything they want.”

    So I grew out my beard. After two days, my boss asked, “What gives?”

    I explained that I was also good at what I did.

    “Not that good,” he said.”

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