Ten Signs Summer Has Almost Arrived In Niagara Falls.

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As I’ve heard more than once, “Your foreplay could use a little work… could we just skip to the main event?”

Words to live by, kids. Let’s get right to today’s main event. Never mind calendars or the words of meteorologists, I would like to share my personal prognosticating cues. 

ONE)  The consistent string of warmer days – much like the cougars that have tried to mount me over the years – are right on top of us.  I love the summer. Period. Sure, it gets a little humid in a bellman’s monkey suit – nothing ruins a shift like swamp butt, kids – but overall, there’s no better time to be a Niagara Falls bellman than the summer.

TWO)  The older folks are beginning to retreat in droves.  They’re all over the Niagara region in the winter, but summer temps keep the seniors away. Seriously, they…

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