Meditation: Fear Makes the Slave

My own fears make me their slave

My biggest shackle is the fear of letting go of my fears—and of not knowing what comes next.

Fear of the unknown. I choose this, not someone else.

I must name them, first. To know the fears. Their source.

Naming is owning. Owning is freedom.


Freedom with humility. Humility because fears always come back.

We are always vulnerable.

And fears live behind walls. Fears drive us to create walls. For them.

Walls make fears stronger. A spiral to utter failure.

Fear that. Not the unknown.

Fears make me their slave.

Humility and courage breaks the shackles

So I, we, can face whatever comes, every day.

It is never finished.

6 Replies to “Meditation: Fear Makes the Slave”

  1. No my friend, it is never finished
    thoughts written in humble truth help others know they’re not alone
    fear is a beast that can be tamed with two or more hands
    thank you for your candid words
    hope all is well in your wonderful writing room

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    1. It’s a lot more comfortable now that the weather’s improved. The steam heat never seemed to make it all the way up there. I would wrap myself in a blanket and type until I couldn’t feel my fingers a few times, then just moved down near the stove. 🙂


  2. The day when we rise only the flat, iron would come floating up. It’s not when you realize that nothing can help you, religion, pride or anything. It is when you realize you don’t need any aid.
    ((The Sound And The Fury))

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