Hard and Holy Things


Stolen from Post Secret. 

I don’t know for sure, but I think the next few decades are going to be hard on our children and grandchildren. They’re going to have to learn how to be tough, tough people. They will be tested more than we have, and I’m afraid we haven’t prepared them. The seas will rise, conflicts will grow and spread, and refugees will flood out away from it. Worse than now (I hope I’m wrong).


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  1. I think what must happen is that we must somehow raise children who are not afraid to be kind, to share what they have, and who have more empathy than has been seen in this country in generations. Toughness and hardness will only compound the problems we face.


    1. I think the “holy” part addresses that. But in my more apocalyptic moments (I’m sober, I swear!) and extrapolate some trends outward a few decades, I’m not sure ideas and values shaped during the relatively prosperous times since WWII in the West, anyway, are going to be all that useful. It’s like a problem in writing a science-fiction novel about the near future. There are roughly as many refugees moving around in the world right now as there were during the WWII period. Water is predicted to be the next great shortage crisis, after oil. More refugees will be fleeing inland from rising sea levels (think Bangladesh’s millions. Are their neighbors going to be thrilled to see them coming? What about all those people in southern Florida? Hello, Georgia! It could get tense.) Religious conflict is already escalating, and I’ve read that the Syrian civil war followed four years of drought in an already parched land. Faith in institutions and international order is broken. Our politics are broken, and we’re more stable than Pakistan, for example. I think toughness, meaning a lack of sentimentality and willingness to face problems directly, is going to be required.

      I’d rather not think about any of this, honestly. And I may be totally nuts. But I don’t think so. (Of course, if I were nuts, that’s exactly what I’d say, wouldn’t I? 🙂 )


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