In the Electric Mists…

James Lee Burke

I’ll be stopping for a few days in New Orleans in early March, living on the edge of the French Quarter before taking The City of New Orleans to Chicago. If I can manage it (it’s a couple of hours west of NOLO), I’m going to visit New Iberia, LA, home of one of my favorite authors, and my favorite Southern author, James Lee Burke. They’ve made a couple of movies from his books, but I could only find one trailer, based on “In the Electric Mist With the Confederate Dead.”

A few quotes.
“In the alluvial sweep of the land, I thought I could see the past and the present and the future all at once, as though time were not sequential in nature but took place without a beginning or an end, like a flash of green light rippling outward from the center of creation, not unlike a dream inside the mind of God.”
― James Lee Burke
“Sometimes he comes to me in my dreams, and I wonder if ironically all our stories were written on his skin back there in Texas City in 1947. Or maybe that’s just poetic illusion purchased by time. But even in the middle of an Indian summer’s day, when the sugarcane is beaten with purple and gold light in the fields and the sun is both warm and cool on your skin at the same time, when I know that the earth is a fine place after all, I have to mourn just a moment for those people of years ago who lived lives they did not choose, who carried burdens that were not their own, whose invisible scars were as private as the scarlet beads of Sister Roberta’s rosary wrapped across the back of her small hand, as bright as drops of blood ringed round the souls of little people.”
― James Lee BurkeJesus Out to Sea
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