Do The Voices In My Head Bother You Too?


Well, they’re sure driving ME nuts, that’s for damned sure.


I’m at that point with ©”Running Girl”.

I must decide whether to keep going, or do something more fun, such as drinking drain cleaner or  having some teeth pulled without anesthesia?


I’ll just whinge a little, then get back to work. I’ll make no final decision yet, not until the train trip next month, at least.

Don’t worry: I won’t do the drain cleaner. And forget about teeth-pulling.

The only thing to do is to call a staff meeting, I’m afraid: me and the characters. (Between you and me, they make me nervous. There’s a high percentage of psychos in the bunch. Kind of like a previous job I had, come to think of it.)

Still, I’m in charge. I’m working on motivational sayings to start the meeting.

  • “Beatings will continue until morale improves.”
  • “Everyone is expendable.”
  • “Grab a shovel and start digging, you slackers. I don’t want to see anything but assholes and elbows!”
  • Do you think Tolstoy would put up with this crap?

But maybe the nuclear option is just better. I always have the “delete” key.

One Reply to “Do The Voices In My Head Bother You Too?”

  1. Love this ❤ 🙂 CRACKED me up! Don't delete or pull the plug just yet! I know what you're going through, I have been about as inspired as a lump of playdough for the last 6 months – but I know I have some good stuff if I can just get it all together & get back on the horse . . .

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