Desire’s Illusions


Chase we, all,
Things that glitter and shimmer,
Things that slither up against us,
Like a lovely someone in a short skirt on a street corner,
Smelling of perfume and friendly virtue.

Yet even when our desires are met
We are unfulfilled, more hollowed than before.
Phantoms dissolve, mocking
Such foolish mortals as we.

Such an old, old story.

Two roads diverge in a yellow wood,
And by taking the one most traveled by,
Can we ever
Retrace our steps, and take that other path.
The truer one,
The one that could make all the difference?

5 Replies to “Desire’s Illusions”

  1. We all have days pufffed up with vanity -completely worthless. I’ve realized no matter how fucked up you are, what situations you go through, everything has its own vantage as we get to learn from it. Yes , its never too late to start over 😉 but somewhere deep down no matter how hard we try to hide, the regret will always be there, the regret of the wrong choice that we made, the wrong path that we took. Everything has its pros and cons after all 🙂


  2. True, that we need to keep striving and be assiduous to achieve our goals , and that’s how we move towards progress in the first place but quite often we swerve from our real goals, that’s what i meant.
    Just like you wrote, the truer path, the one that could make all the difference.:-)


    1. Yes. It’s vital to put our weight down on something that matters enough to give it everything, for as long as necessary. But I’ve found that there is a succession of truer paths. One after the other, since there’s no such thing as a single truth for any of us that lasts forever. One leads to the next. They run their course, and it took me a while to realize that it was OK. It’s not one and done. That’s the good part, actually. I’ve had more than a couple of good phases in my life go weirdly sideways after a while over the years, and if I can figure out what I f*cked up, or what actually happened, and do whatever penance is necessary ( 😉 ) it’s possible to start over.


  3. Its a harrowing truth of life. We humans are never satisfied, we keep running after things or people but once we attain that we no longer have that craving and another quest starts , to achieve something better. If only we stopped running after things that are transient and focussed on our real goals !
    Beautifully written 🙂


    1. Thank you, first of all.

      But I’m not sure it’s all bad, the chasing and the being unsatisfied. It can be simply an unwillingness to settle for less than we know is possible, too. And where would this world be without all the neurotic, driven people who rattle cages and insist that there just *has* to be something better? 🙂

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