On Retirement

Monday’s the official last day of work. At this job.

Twenty-six years, four months and 21 days in one place. I’ve hated it for 10 years and some odd number of months. (I’m not sure when that started; it sort of sneaks up on you and you only realize it long after it’s happened.)

I’m working on some things that are part of processing this, but the party’s Saturday night. A gang is coming, including two of our oldest friends who are coming in from the West and the Far Northwest (Cheyenne, Wy, and Sequim, WA, respectively). Just for this. I’m assembling a playlist and a slideshow to have up on the screen, and have been trying to find songs that hold some meaning. This is one:

2 Replies to “On Retirement”

  1. I sense a tremendous world-shaking force come Monday. Only excellent things from here on in, my friend. Now chink those glasses and drink up, come Tuesday it’s to the mancave. And keep the red phone line open, Commissioner Gordon may be calling 😉
    Congratulations! And have a fab party!
    No worries:)


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