Pray for Salvage Value

Publishing can feel a little like THIS...There’s a good reason pro authors finish a book’s first draft as quickly as possible: If you wait too long, you lose touch with the energy and lives in that created world. They both die of asphyxiation.

This means one of two things. Each and severally—as the lawyers say—is and are quite bad.

(There’s a third, quitting, but …. just no.)

Either you have to pray that there’s something salvageable after you shit-can the 95-plus percent of it that makes no sense anymore, and probably never did…

OR you knife the useless bastard in its hard drive sector like Macbeth stabbed Duncan.

Get drunk, feel sorry for yourself and have the funeral;

Start over.


……….Besides, you never know….. 

One Reply to “Pray for Salvage Value”

  1. I think whether you’re a professional or an “aspiring” writer is really the same thing if you write because you need to write…because you are compelled to do so, but I do agree about the energy and the lives that are created during the writing process.
    I do find it hard however to go back once I’ve finished writing a novel. After all, no one is clamoring to buy it, and I feel something rather like “post partum depression” very soon afterward. Perhaps it is because I am already wondering what will be the next step…a new style? Another voice? A different perspective? What will be my message or purpose?
    As much as I aspire to give pleasure to others, I write for the same reason an alcoholic drinks, which may be selfish but it is what it is.
    Chazz Vincent

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