A Civilization Has the Morals It Can Afford: Static Rules and Social Shifts


Being Southern Somewhere Else


The holidays are such a special time.  As usual, it offered me the opportunity to enhance my understanding of the blatant lack of understanding held by those closest to me, genetically speaking.  This isn’t a comfortable segment for me to write, but it’s something I feel I need to address, especially given the increasing evidence that I am witnessing a broken culture pretending it isn’t broken.  Perhaps a bit of a disclaimer is in order, so that we don’t get off on completely the wrong foot here.

I’m not suggesting that all the needs of life be offered free of charge.  Everything costs something–whether we count the cost in currency or in productivity.  What I am suggesting is a bit of closer scrutiny for the “way things are.”  Because the way they are is fucked up, not just for me, nor even for a small percentage of the population.  An…

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