A Cool Way to Go

To the Threshold of Silence, by Karezoid Michal Karcz
“To the threshold of silence” by karezoid michal karcz

Imagine the fun,
If, on my last journey (which I trust is far in the future),
I could order up my final ride…
Whether with wheels or wings, with keel or hoof,
With steel on steel rail, or teleport onboard the
Starship Enterprise…

Or drive off in a British racing green ’63 Shelby Cobra (with the small-block Ford V-8) ….

or even, or EVEN…

By God! An antigrav surfboard with a built-in wet bar and
wi-fi all the way into the great beyond…. 

But there’d be nothing grander than
A long, slow ascent up the face of one of
Nature’s most awesome sights,

A slow goodbye to soak in the immensity,
And a grand review from above the curvature of the
Earth. One last time.

Rising higher and higher, getting colder and colder, gasping for breath, seeing further and further, until it finally all made sense…
pinned by the stabbing light of eternity, up…
up there, not far now…

© Hemmingplay 2014

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