Would You Buy/Read an E-book?

Trying the poll function in WordPress for the first time, and hope you’ll take a couple of seconds to help me out a bit.

Would you please let me know what your preferences are when it comes to buying books? I’m researching the option of publishing in an electronic format versus trying to go the traditional paper route with an established publisher.

Other things I wonder about…. If you have bought e-books in the past, how do you decide whether to spend your money? Do you only buy known authors? Do you need samples and excerpts? What is a price that seems right for a full-length novel? What’s the most important thing you’re looking for? Any comments on these questions would be great. And if you’re a published author, tips would be awesome. I’m obviously a total newb at this. 🙂


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    1. My oldest will *only* read on his Kindle, but I prefer the kind that I can pick up and hold and flip the pages manually, not virtually. I’ve tried the Ebooks, and they’re fine, but just find I keep going back to the dead tree version. At least with them, if I drop ’em on the floor, I don’t have to reboot the thing or have a screen repaired. Plus, in a pinch, I can use them to start a fire and stay warm. I mean, you know, if I were ever trapped on a mountain after a plane crash and I was the only survivor.

      I think I need coffee.


  1. I use my kindle, and my iPhone’s kindle app. I buy fairly randomly, depends on what strikes my fancy. I also spend a lot of time on goodreads, and going through amazons recommendations. A good cover/title is a must though. (I hate to say that, but on amazon especially it’s the first thing most people see. And I’m more likely to click to see the description if the cover is good, or the title is interesting.) It’s rare for me to buy an ebook for more than $5. And I have never spent more than $10, except for a textbook once.


  2. I voted for the eBook (iBook) app because I read ebooks from my iPad. My choice usually depends on my mood. Like right now, I am still in the dystopian genre. My ebook collection varies though. I have romance, suspense, adventure, and young adults. I am open to new authors (I believe that every great writer started out as a newbie at some point in their writing career).

    The first thing that piques my interest is the book’s title, followed by the cover illustration. If these captured my attention, then I read the gist. If there’s a sample page, I would read that too. One can tell a lot about the book’s first few sentences.

    I get ideas of what to read from the GOODREADS app.

    A reasonable book, I guess would be (I agree with the first commenter) $5 or under.

    I also just want to share what my best friend told me, she said that she doesn’t like books that comes in a series, because she is impatient to know the story’s conclusion as soon as she finishes the book. As for me, I am open to that, I like reading books that’re part of a series.


  3. I use the iPhone/iPad Kindle app to download eBooks to my iPad. For the most part, the books I buy are those that people have recommended. I like books that tell a good story and are well-written. I will sometimes download free Kindle books and several of them have been pretty good, but most seem to prove the old saying, “you get what you pay for.” As far as how much I’d pay for an eBook? I dunno. Maybe up to $10, but typically those I buy are $5 or under.

    Hope this helps.


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