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rose for Robin Williams A rose for Robin. Image courtesy of Qedem1611, Morguefile.

As part of my usual routine this morning, I flipped on my computer and checked my social media sites. I discovered from Facebook this morning that Robin Williams passed away, and I’m saddened. I checked Twitter early this morning as well, and something astonished me. Almost all of the trending topics were about Robin Williams and his movies. I’ve never seen that happen before on Twitter.

I join the rest of the blogosphere in mourning the loss of this talented mimic, serious actor and comedian. I’ve rarely seen anybody who could mimic other people as fast and as effortlessly as Robin Williams. My personal nickname for him was “Quicksilver”; he could pull out all these other accents and put together a stream of words with ease.

James Lipton of Inside The Actor’s Studio put it best. In an interview with Robin Williams, James asked Robin…

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