The Wakened Muse

Being Southern Somewhere Else

August 4, 2014, 11:21 pm. Atlanta, Georgia

I have done much talking about muses here, lately.  I think, before you read the text below, it’s important to understand the difference between human muses, who inspire me to create, and my Muse, which is the spirit of creation that resides within me.  She–and she most assuredly is a woman–is a constant companion, a rider, almost an extra soul.  I do not conceptualize this aspect of my talent as wholly a part of myself, but rather as an interface with the divine and the universal Soul.  For some time, I thought I had lost her, run her off or killed her.  I though I would face the rest of my life without her presence, her wry and perceptive observations, her sweetness.


(from Latin genere, gignere, to ‘beget, bring forth’). Genius in Roman mythology (corresponding to δαιμων in Greek) referred to “an…

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