Ways to Deal With Imaginary Critics


I’m procrastinating again. Resistance. Finally got some work done today, though, so the truth comes out. The old enemy got me, made worse by doing some traveling and not writing every day. Lesson learned.

Again. *Big dramatic sigh*

Part of this comes from worrying too much about what people might think of what I produce. So I have the above visual aid for times like these.

This is how I picture those people. It helps to get in touch with the ridiculous, which is the same thing as the reality of our lives. Your mileage may vary with this approach, but feel free to steal it. I wonder sometimes if my medication is really doing me any good.

3 Replies to “Ways to Deal With Imaginary Critics”

  1. Hahaha! This definitely caught my attention, and love the above comment 🙂 Great post though. We all tend to overanalyze others’ opinions of us, when really they don’t matter. I have to write the story for me, then worry about other people later.


    1. Exactly. It’s a tricky balancing act, to care enough about the audience to do a good job for them, but no so much that it becomes paralyzing.

      I was lucky early in my writing career to work for a daily newspaper. Deadlines are good training, and you learn to turn it in on time, to the right length, and well-crafted. … and then start on the next day’s stories. It burns that tentativeness out of you.


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