Death Becomes Her

There is meaning in suffering. It requires being open to the possibility that there is beauty in ugliness, and to begin to value and protect courage again.

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  1. Well, I did the Liebster thing, and most people reacted like I had hit them over the head with a notebook full of assignments that they had to do!
    They treated it kind of like a WordPress chain mail type of thing. I even emphasized that they could bend the rules as they pleased! Only two of them seemed to be interested.
    Oh well…I did it!


    1. I don’t basically disagree with any of this, but it’s also possible to put a more positive spin on it. It just depends… However, they do serve to put our blogs in front of new readers and drive additional traffic. So, it’s a question of goals.


      1. Oopsie! I kind of forgot to tell my nominees where to find the rules. So, I’ve been getting messages asking, “Thanks, but how do I find out what to do?”
        It’s, of course, on my blog under “The Liebster Award”.
        Silly me!


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