Is that really what you mean?

Friday stuff.

Read, Knit and Weave


Proofreading is a part of my job. It is also one of the hazards of my job. I see typos, (cue Haley Joel Osment) grammar and punctuation errors everywhere. It doesn’t matter if I’m reading a classic, trash or something in between.

Of course, if I’m reading something I have written, all bets are off. This is true for most authors and proofers. By the time you hand your work off to be read, you have usually reworked it so many times, you won’t see what is right in front of you. Spell check is a wonderful thing, but it won’t catch there, their and they’re if used incorrectly. It also catches words — such as “proofer” — that are trade slang. C’est la guerre.

Grammar check is full of shit. “People” is plural, but also singular. Grammar check wants that modifier to match the subject. Be bold! Tell…

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