Buy Me A Beer

Reblogged.. That was fun! 🙂

The Migraine Chronicles

buy me a beer
Miss, he said
may I sit here
of course you may
but you must
buy me a beer
you see I didn’t
come to talk or think
I came here
tonight to drink
so sit down
right here
and please sir
buy me a beer
or perhaps
a whiskey
if you don’t find
that too risky
you see
I’d like to get blazed
and no
you are not
getting laid
don’t bother
me your name
it’s all the same
just have
a seat right here
shut up
and buy me a beer
or hey maybe
a vodka
no sir
I don’t wanna
dance or
take a chance
I’m not looking
for love
or friendship
I came
to this bar
to get lit
so sir
if your gonna
sit here
shut your face
and buy me
a beer

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