I’ve been getting some from people promising to drive my stats and show me how to do this blog thing. I never return the ‘follow’. If I follow your blog, it’s because I want to hear what you have to say. To do otherwise, and Michelle does below, would be disrespectful of you and the effort you put into this.

The Green Study


I’ve been out of circulation for the last week. I’ve been extremely busy following through on some volunteer commitments. I was astonished to see that my readership had jumped an unbelievable 15% in a week – without having written a single thing. The WordPress bot attacks reported in the news are in relation to denial of service attacks with the WordPress.org installation, so this is a separate issue.

To the people who have legitimately read and found something here that appeals to them, I sincerely thank you. I have so many great “conversations” with you and I value the time that you have taken to read, like and/or comment on a post. I am slow to catch up on my reading, but I try to visit each and every subscribed reader’s blog. Sometimes I follow it as well, if I find a subject that resonates or the writing or story…

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