Speaking in Tongues-TipsyLit Prompted ‘Speaking with Another Voice’

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This originally saw light of day very early on on this blog, at a time when nobody was reading me. However, since this week’s Prompt was inspired by me (thanks Wendy) I decided to resurrect it, modify it a bit, rename it, and stick it in for the Challenge. http://tipsylit.com/2014/02/24/prompted-speaking-with-another-voice/  So here it is.

In the unlikely event that you did read the original, you’ll see I’ve toned down the language a bit. This is a family show.

If you like the Charlie character, and lots of people do, you can find her and her further adventures in extreme violence and foul language here http://www.wattpad.com/story/7477422


When I was still gainfully employed I worked with a really nice Frenchman, Laurent. Highly intelligent though he could sometimes accidentally obscure this fact. He was a pharmacologist for a major drugs firm.

His grasp of English was generally good, much much better than…

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