The Klutz’s Guide To Facing Your Fears

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

winter“Tell me again how this all happened,” Tim insisted because he always had been the thickest of the bunch.

The others laughed and gathered around closer.  There was a dozen of us, we were all in a good mood (though Tim was a little lost), and we didn’t mind that anyone else within earshot knew about it.

“I keep telling you, it’s all Mary’s fault,” I yelled to be heard over the din of my friends enjoying themselves.  “She’s the one who kept insisting I face my fears.”

“I never thought you’d actually listen,” Mary snapped back.

Everyone laughed.  Even Tim.

“Why today, after all this time, did you finally decide to do it?” Larry shouted to be heard and then patted me on the back to let me know he was cool with my decision, but just curious about the details.

I shrugged.  I honestly didn’t have a definitive…

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