Tired of the magazines in the waiting room

I’m writing  a book.

No, I’m not; I’ve started, but for months I’ve been telling myself I’m doing it, when in fact I’m just circling at 30,000 feet. Talking is not doing. Time to land the damned plane.

There’s fog and a wicked 20-knot crosswind below 800 feet. The carb is icing up. Are those geese milling around halfway down, just where it’s too late to gun it and go around again? Yes. Of course, there are. Perfect.

F*ck it. I’m going in. The fuel gauge is kissing the big E and I swear there’s smoke coming out of the starboard engine. I have to take piss. No choices left.

I’ve got characters waiting for me to get back to them. They’re looking at me, and at each other, killing time, waiting. Toes tapping. Knives being sharpened. Lives on hold. They are not happy with me. And with this bunch of psychos, this could get ugly, fast.


I’m happy I started. I’m proud of getting 60,000 words into a draft (maybe a leetle too proud. I may need to murder a lot of them.) I like the characters and want to let them live out the stories I’ve put them in. That’s not enough. Time to finish. There’s mystery in there, questions, breathtaking stupidity and evil and sex. Lots of sex. What’s not to like?

“Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstance.” — Sun Tzu.

It is time to ride to the sound of the guns, ” ‘Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war.”

8 Replies to “Tired of the magazines in the waiting room”

    1. Thank you. I’ve been traveling your land today, too. Inspiring. I liked this in particular:

      “…I travel as rain and wind and
      hail and snow
      as sunshine to feed and nurture;
      and moonlight to soothe or inspire.
      I travel quietly as a breeze on a summer’s day
      or electric and pounding as spring’s thunderstorm.”

      Yin,Yang, the feminine and the masculine.
      Something deep in me thanks you.
      Makes is easier to find the runway. 🙂


      1. Oh, you have made my day and you chose words that were written (to relate it to your latest post) as air rises up into thermals. I sincerely am touched that you enjoyed that. You are more than welcome. Thank you for serving in the military and protecting me. I have a category of I love Men posts. I think men need to be told positive things more often.
        I was touched reading your post about your Mom’s funeral. It was so real to me. I don’t know you well enough to comment so I “liked” it. As a mother, I just think that somewhere in the mothering experience, there are magical, spiritual connections to your child and I can’t believe your mother didn’t experience that with her baby – you.


        1. “don’t see a conflict between being a fully aware, autonomous and powerful woman, and valuing men for their differences and unique gifts.” you got it. I don’t see any conflict only complementary relationships that can be just as supportive of individuality while also being fulfilling sexually. (Its just theory right now ; ) I just wish everyone would catch on! Ha! I thought military from the Middle East countries in the post about your mother. I think looking at people and their lives is useless unless you see the context of their own youth and upbringing. That’s when you know what is behind their view of the world and subsequent behaviors to everything. It sounds like you have great perspective and I think we could be great friends.


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